The Washington Post Done Me Wrong

Now I know why Richard Nixon hated the Washington Post. Well maybe not for the same reason I do. After all Nixon was the paranoid nut job who approved the Watergate break in. I am just an overly enthusiastic racing fan with a pendant for stealing photographs I don’t have the copyright to and posting them on my cutting edge blog. But I digress; back in 1972 the Washington Post exposed Nixon and his misdeeds (of which there were many) which eventually lead to his resignation. I haven’t committed any crimes that I am aware of (or will admit to) but none the less I am just as pissed as Nixon.

Just after the Derby, I posted a fine piece of original prose about my favorite whipping boy, Todd Pletcher. It was full of original insight as all my posts are. Well a reporter from the Washington Post, who shall remain nameless had the good sense to quote me (yeah, I am the horse racing blogger quoted). It was just a sentence (but my sentences are pretty powerful) without attributing the quote to me. Naturally I flew in to a fury.

Now I know there are one or two of you reporters out there who read my stuff, God Bless Ya. But for crying out loud when a little peon like me says something quotable give me some freaking credit!

You know, I don’t have to write this blog; yeah I could just pull the plug on this thing and starve you guys for ideas. Think about that!

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