The Uneventful Preakness

You don’t have to read the Bug Boys regularly to know that racing in Maryland is almost dead. Maryland My Maryland will sound more like a dirge this year then in any I recall. The nearly dearly departed with that faint pulse and labored breathing is Maryland racing embodied by the Preakness. That middle jewel of the Triple Crown that was always less exciting than the Derby and occasionally overshadowed by the Belmont, when a triple crown was on the line. Famous for those rowdy infield parties that look more like Irish wakes with each passing year.

The best we can hope for this year is an uneventful Preakness; you know one without a nosedive or a shattered leg. Of course I am hoping that Street Sense wins on Saturday and if he does, he then goes on to win the Triple Crown. Maybe then some politician in Annapolis will figure out what they are letting slip away.

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