It was just my imagination, running away with me

Remember that reporter from the Miami Herald who wrote that idiotic article alleging Jose Santos was carrying a buzzer during the 2003 Derby. The article gave birth to a number of lawsuits by Funny Cide’s connections against the newspaper which took four years to work their way through the courts and were finally settled in the Miami Herald’s favor by a Florida Appeals court.

To make a long story short, the Herald apologized for the stupid story, although it took them six months to do so. Understandably upset and not satisfied with a mere apology Sackatoga and Santos sued for $48 million in damages alleging Santos under stress reacted to the allegation by over-extending Funny Cide to win the Preakness which lead to his loss of the Belmont and the Triple Crown. While the buzzer story was quite a stretch and somewhat libelous in my opinion; the rationale for losing the Belmont was frivolous and makes you question the sanity of the Sackatoga and Santos. Of course, the blame for this whole stupid episode lies at the door of the Herald which did not care whose reputation they damaged when they put the shoddy story out.

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