Todd, Can We Talk ?

OK so you’re 0 for 19. Yeah maybe there’s something about your training methods that keeps you from getting what everybody thinks you should have, a Derby win. And now you’re going all cerebral on us and you’re going to skip running the gang of five in the Preakness. This is the exactly the opposite of what you should do. Throw your tried and true methods out the window because they don’t work in the Triple Crown. Take a chance and run them, they are good horses. They can’t be tired because you never run them . . . eight week layoff, five week layoff. Todd training up to a race may work for you most of the time but it’s time to try a new approach and run them. You know that’s what D Wayne would do, he would run them. Stop thinking and start running, remember Commendable and Editor’s Note and grow some balls and maybe you’ll win one.

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