Einstein Wouldn't Bet on Her

In 1905 Einstein (the human not the horse) was still working in that patent office, Mata Hari who was the Madonna of her age was gaining fame as an exotic dancer and Tanya became only the second and last filly to win the Belmont Stakes.

Can Rags to Riches do what Genuine Risk and Winning Colors could not, win the Belmont? In the 102 years since Tanya, a total of only nine other fillies have tried and failed to pull it off.

If you're like me your hoping that the betting public starts feeling sorry for Todd (AKA Mr. Zero) and gets all soft and mushy over seeing his fine, but alas overmatched filly in the Belmont. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rags to Riches Belmont Stakes Odds at 5-1 or less. But you know Einstein said "There's a sucker born every minute" and I am betting 50,000 suckers show up at Belmont. If Rags to Riches goes in the Belmont, I'll be betting against her and I'd bet Einstein (the human and the horse) would bet against her too.

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