Anne Engels wins the Longines Fegentri in Ostend (Belgium)

The Belgian rider was proclaimed winner on Monday, August 27, at the traditional Longines Fegentri races in the encounter that took place today in the Belgian town of Ostend.

A few days after the end of the summer, the turf competitions continue, such as the one that took place today in Ostend (Belgium), belonging to the international circuit of Longines Fegentri.

The test reserved for the films has had as a winner a local Amazon, Anne Engels who has participated in the test on the back of Boccaccina; the second position went to the French Ingrid Montenegro (with Zakhar Star), while the third rider who has qualified is an American, Bethany Baumgardner (with the love of Greeley).

This race, called Prijs S. Kervyn D'Oud Mooreghem, was the first of the eight held today (3 at a gallop and 5 at trot) at the Belgian racecourse in Ostend. In addition, this race is also the number 20 stop within the Longines Fegentri calendar for women.

A date today The Fegentri circuit ranking for Amazons is led by the German Lilly Marie Engels, which has accumulated to date one hundred and forty points. After her is only twenty-three points the Belgian Alice Bertiaux, with one hundred and seventeen points and finally in third place of the list appears the Swiss Naomi Heller, with a total of one hundred two points. We will remember that the score in the Fegentri races is established with 20 points for the winner, 12 for the second and 6 for the third to reach the goal.

The next races of this type were the following: the Amazons, on September 1 in the magical Istanbul (Turkey), and on September 23 in Mannheim (Germany) that of gentlemen.