Basic tips for betting on horse races

Currently, we can find sports bets on any event or sport discipline. Sports such as Lacrosse, Floorball or the so-called Gaelic Sports have a place in many bookmakers.

However, the most successful sports and in which they are accepted, or are crossed in the case of exchange houses, a greater volume of sports bets are football, tennis and horse racing.

While it is true that horse racing does not enjoy great popularity in some countries, there is a great equine tradition in the United Kingdom, and races are held at racetracks almost all year round. Do not forget that the cradle of sports betting is also in that region, and that's why horses and bets go hand in hand.

Undoubtedly it is a very deep and complex underworld and in the Betting Talk we will dedicate several articles to everything related to the equine world based on experiences and fragments of specialized books.

In the book "Betting on horse racing for Dummies" there are a series of basic recommendations or premises, before you start betting that they should always be taken into account, especially if your experience is limited:

- Horse racing bets, like other sports, are not pure chance. As in any aspect of daily life, luck plays an important role, but in the long term our intelligence, temperance and ability play a determining role.

The information is power, and there are numerous places and websites where you can get quality information and truthful about the races and horses that will compete.

- Every factor, no matter how small, has to be taken into account. Although at the decisive moment only jockey and horse compete, any change, such as a modification of the equipment of the animal (which a priori seems insignificant), has an important weight in the final result.

For example, a change in equipment is always a good sign, since it means that the coach is doing tests to try to get the victory.

- Always bet on the shares with value. A maxim that must always be met, regardless of what event we are placing bets on.

There is a saying among all bettors in horse races that says "bet a little and win a lot".

The concept of value is something that many people can not understand, in a way because it is difficult to understand how large the impact of variance can be.

Suppose we find that the share of the horse "DaWinner" is at $ 9 per dollar bet and we think that the chances of winning the victory are 25%.

Making a few simple calculations we observe that the quota offered by the market has value and therefore we must bet on it:

Calculation of the value: (1 / Probability of success) = Correct quotation => (1 / 0.25) = 4 <9 There is value

However, the race ends and "DaWinner" does not achieve his goal and remains third. Does this mean it was a bad bet? Not at all, we have estimated that our horse will win one out of every four races (25%) and if we are good predictors in the long term it will be fulfilled.

However, this does not mean that if we have lost three bets in the same conditions as the previous one, the fourth one should come out yes or yes, since the luck factor can cause that in the short term we fail the first seven and then we have three consecutive hits or it is also possible to guess the first two bets and miss the next five.

A proof of this can be done with a coin. The probability of getting heads or tails is 50% for both options, although in a sample of 10 pitches you can get perfectly 7 faces and 3 crosses.

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