What If Todd Was A Horse ?

Todd Pletcher’s record in the Kentucky Derby is 14-0-1-1. What if you were asked to handicap a race where strangely the horses have records that closely resemble some real life trainers. Which horse would you bet?

First we have a horse called Blame the Surface, who is known around the barn by the nickname BS, this is his first start. He could have made his first start months ago but his trainer keeps moving from track to track looking for a surface he likes. When he finds that surface he works Blame the Surface way too fast and then has to scratch him. Blame The Surface’s lifetime record is 0-0-0-0-.

Next we have a horse called Grumpy Cide. Grumpy Cide was slow maturing and his trainer took his time with him. Grumpy Cide’s trainer only places him where he thinks he can win and this strategy has paid off. Grumpy Cide’s lifetime record is 2-1-0-0.

Next is Unbridled Carl, this colt’s trainer keeps a very small stable so he can give the individualized care his horses need. In order to prepare Unbridled Carl for this race his trainer has been stabled at the track for over a month where the colt has shown an affinity for the surface. Unbridled Carl like Grumpy Cide is only placed where his trainer thinks he can win. His lifetime record is 2-1-0-0.

Then we have I Shot the Sheriffs whose trainer is well respected although his training techniques are unconventional. I Shot the Sheriffs works are slow and the press tends to ignore him because he does not put in snappy works like Blame the Surface does. Regardless I Shot the Sheriffs is unbeaten having won at first asking at 50-1. His lifetime record is 1-1-0-0.

Lastly we have a horse called Todd P. This is an expensive, well bred colt with a silver mane. The press is always writing stories about Todd P’s trainer who runs a mega-stable of 200 expensive horses like Todd P. Todd P, the horse, has a quiet disposition that hides a very competitive spirit. Todd P always attracts a lot of money when he races because of his trainer’s high percentages. But when it comes to actually winning races Todd P can never get the job done. His lifetime record is 14-0-1-1

Which horse would you bet on?

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