Chasing Barbaro

Has anyone actually seen this documentary yet? I know it was preempted by Alan’s beloved Rangers back on April 29th and it was supposed to be on CNBC last night at 9PM but when I tuned in they had a poker tournament on in its place, further proof of what a good job poker has done at reinvesting itself. According to the Bloodhorse it will be broadcast at 8PM tonight on NBC. As we all know horse racing is not much of a draw on TV anyway (remember the ratings for last year's Breeders Cup) and apparently no one cares if anyone sees it or they would have aired it prior to the Derby and not on the slowest night of the week for television, sorry Barbaro how soon they all forget.

I am not going to bore you with the details of my derby bets only to say that I bet what I call the Breeders Cup Reprise Superfecta since all four finshers are back. I also bet $2 to win on Tiago because of his biorhythm, although he’s really overbet and getting a lot more press attention than he deserves in my opinion. A steady stream of misinformation continues to flow from all connections; all you hear is that every horse is doing great. What are the odds of that? I just don’t believe Paul Reddam when he says he thinks Liquidity will outperform Great Hunter; just a little misinformation to benefit his odds I would say.

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