To Hell With Handicapping . . .

I know there are a lot of you cerebral types out there who think you can figure out this game. I am not one of you. I listen to the handicapping experts blither on about speed and pace numbers and then I proceed blindly and merrily on my way (did I mention I hit a $500 superfecta for a dime a few months ago). To me one handicapping approach is as good as the next.

If I put my mind to it I could pick winners reading tea leaves or pig entrails. All that being said, between now and the Derby I will endeavor to predict the Derby winner by a more unconventional method, his biorhythm.

Biorhythms are an offshoot of astrology and track the inherent cycles which regulate memory, ambition, coordination, endurance, temperament, emotions, and much more. There are three fundamental biorhythm cycles. Each biorhythm cycle has a particular function, and a particular life cycle. The physical cycle regulates hand-eye coordination, strength, endurance, stamina. The emotional cycle regulates emotions, feelings and mood. The intellectual cycle regulates mental reaction, alertness, sense of direction and judgment.

Yes it's Derby horoscope time here at Not to the Swift!

Let's first look at Street Sense's biorhythm for November 6, 2006, the date of the Breeders Cup Juvenile. The highlighted black line is 11/06/06.

Street Sense was at an emotional peak on Breeders Cup day while his physical and intellectual cycles were on the upswing. Voila, a 10 length win, had the Breeders Cup been a week later at the apex of his physical cycle obviously he would have won by thirty.

Now let's look at Street Sense's chart for May 5, 2007 Derby Day.

OH NO ! ! Both his physical and emotional cycles will be near a nadir but fortunately his strong intellectual cycle will compensate for the other two. What does this mean? I'll interpret it for you, Street Sense will not win by ten lengths on Derby Day and he will have to overcome adversity to break the Breeders Cup Jinx.

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