This Zavata Never Ran At Saratoga . . .

Most racing fans remember Zavata as a promising two-year old owned by Tabor and Smith who won the Saratoga Special in 2002.

I doubt it is a coincidence but Padua Stables owner Satish Sanan is President and CEO of a company named Zavata. Now we all know that racing is a rich man's game but did you ever wonder where Satish Sanan gets all the money he uses to buy horses like Curlin and Any Given Saturday. These days Satish Sanan's main business activities involve Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with Zavata which outsources health care jobs to India.

I am happy to report that the equine Zavata has managed to stay employed stateside at Walmac where he entertains for a $7500 fee. Chances are if Curlin or Any Given Saturday needs an X-ray it will be read at Rood and Riddle in Kentucky but your local X-ray technician may not have a job if Satish has his way.

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