352-1: Not By A Long Shot

That’s the number of pages in T.D Thornton’s fine new book, Not By A Long Shot and a good estimation of the odds that a blogger with a very short attention span, like me, would finish it.

I am not much of a book reader and maybe that shows but when my complimentary copy of Not By A Long Shot arrived at my door I was flattered the Mr. Thornton thought enough to send me a copy and a little intimidated because I knew some of my fellow bloggers would also be getting a copy and writing about it. The TBA is home to some tome reading titans with broad intellects (one of them lives near Pittsburgh). But when it comes to literature, I find that a copy of the Daily Racing Form or Gourmet magazine more than satisfies my needs. On rare occasion when I am at my intellectual best, I like to read the labels on vodka bottles (did you know Grey Goose is made in France?).

So literary criticism is not my forte, as a literary critic, I could be compared to Homer Simpson.

So I will make my first and last book review short and sweet. I doubt there is a racing fan alive who would not enjoy this book with its colorful and recognizable characters and Thornton's well paced narrative. If you love horse racing you'll love Not by A Long Shot.

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