My Lagniappe

Lagniappe is a term used in Louisiana to describe a little something extra, a gift of sorts. Like being invited to attend the Louisiana Derby was not enough, Team Bird also invited me to attend the pre-Derby party which was held last night at Pat O's in the Jackson Brewery in the French Quarter. I donned my pink shirt(required attire for Team Bird) and off I went, wondering who I would see. Would the elusive Mr Pletcher show? Maybe Michael Tabor too. Not that either of those guys requires a name tag for me to know who they are. What are the eating and drinking habit of horse racing royalty. It would all be revealed to me as the evening progressed.

Team Bird was easy to recognize, just look for a table where everyone is wearing pink. As I suspected Cottrell family are very nice, down to earth people. I also met Birdbird's breeders Randy and Lucy Edwards who drove all the way from Ocala to attend today. Of course, conversation centered on Birdbird and all things racing.

One thing I did notice about these parties is that they are just like weddings; people tend to talk to people they know and a lot of people only had their first names on their tags.

As for notables I did see at the party I was surprised to see retired jockey Don Brumfield who won the Kentucky Derby on Kauai King. Dallas Stewart, Bernie Flint and Ken McPeek were there. Jose Riquelue (excuse the spelling) and James Graham were there too.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Graham's horse carrying overweight today, James likes to eat !!

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