Gulfstream's new fan-friendly seating, well maybe if you’re a duck with telescopic vision.

As you know I am not a big fan of the new Gulfstream Park or Frank Stronach. So I took it upon myself to pay a visit to the mistake that Stronach calls Gulfstream Park. It rained pretty hard in the area on Monday and racing was cancelled after the first race but I stayed around to take in some of the new so-called fan friendly seating at the north side of the grandstand. Any racetrack can be a bit depressing in the rain and it isn’t always easy to stay dry and comfortable but Gulfstream Park’s management seems to go out of their way to make racing fans uncomfortable. As has been noted by Andy Beyer and others, fan seating at Gulfstream is abysmal; after all isn't Gulfstream supposed to be a premiere facility?

Following many complaints about this topic last year, new fan friendly seating was installed on the north side of the grandstand. A press release by Gulfstream Park touts these seats as fan friendly and free. I don’t think they're fan friendly in good weather and I could not find a duck who liked it either. The following are three videos of my visit to the Eighth Pole seating area, oh I mean the North Park seating area, which isn't very park-like either. Check them out but the third one showing the handicapped restroom facilities is priceless. Frank thinks this is fan friendly, I think not!

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