Dan Fogelberg Has Nothing To Worry About

I think Dan Fogelberg penned the best song about horse racing when he wrote "Run for the Roses" back in the early eighties. That song from Guys and Dolls (I got the horse right here, his name is Paul Revere) is a good one too. I came across two songs this week that bear mentioning even if I don't care for either of them. On Jill Byrne's Derby blog some guy from Pennsylvania with a band called "the tell alls" has written a Barbaro tribute song called "Wear Your Crown" it's pretty dreary if you ask me. The next song I came across was on a thread about Birdbirdistheword on the Thoroughbred Champions message board. The posters were guessing about the origin of Birdbird's name, which is explained on the sidebar of the Birdbirdblog. They were discussing an Australian grunge band called "Silverchair" who had written a song called "Surfin Bird" and the chorus is pretty catchy of you ask me.

Everybody's heard about the bird
Bird bird bird, bird is the word
Don't you know about the bird?
Well everybody's heard about the bird

I am guessing that bird is some surfer dude down in Queensland.

Anyway in my opinion Dan Fogelberg is still tops but I also like this tune about Smarty Jones.

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